Kids Fashion: 20 Outfits That Will Make You Wish You Had Child Style

It usually takes years of ill-advised sartorial choices to cultivate winning personal style. But, a few fashionable toddlers never got that memo. They've got swag.*

In Hollywood, hip kids are as numerous as red carpets. Suri Cruise has been photographed in so many pairs of high heels with matching designer handbags that some clever soul was able to create an entire Tumblr dedicated to mini-Katie Holmes' fashion snarking. And Mason Disick, spawn of reality star Kourtney Kardashian and boyfriend Scott Disick, was voted "trendiest tot" by -- beating out Cruise by nearly 10 percent.

As for children that grow up outside of the spotlight, it turns out they've got style too (or at least their parents do). Bloggers Sarah Bridger of Children With Swag and Karla Courtney of The Tiny Sartorialist have become experts on kid fashion, and agreed to help HuffPost Parents round up the best-dressed children on the web. And in case you were wondering what exactly having "swag" means, and you don't want to check Urban Dictionary, Sarah says that it's actually quite simple.

*"[Swag] is a combination of style and the attitude to pull it off," she says.

Best Dressed Kids