Cringeworthy Video Shows Kids Smashing Museum Artwork As Adults Watch

It's "Child’s Play 7: Day at the Museum."

Jaw-dropping surveillance video captured two children destroying glass artwork inside of a Chinese museum as two adults filmed them on their phones.

The video, reportedly shot at the Shanghai Museum of Glass, shows the children roughhousing behind rope barriers as the two women casually watch.

The kids are first seen waving in front of the glass sculpture of two wings, titled "Angel Is Waiting." When one of them begins tugging on it, one of the women steps forward with her camera, but only as though to get a better view.

It’s not until the wing is nearly pulled off the wall that a woman’s hand reaches forward to pull the boys away. Once abruptly let go, the wing smashes against the wall and a portion of it shatters to the floor.

According to, rather than fix the piece, artist Shelly Xue decided to leave it as is and retitle it “Broken.”


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The museum has since posted the video of the child’s play beside the exhibit to serve as an example to others.

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