Kids' First Food Reactions Caught On Camera In 'The First Taste' (VIDEO)

Kids. They're cute. Especially when they make funny faces. And what better way to encourage a kid to make a funny face than by sticking a spoonful of Vegemite in her face for the first time?

Marketing agency Saatchi & Saatchi captured this and other raw reactions in an adorable-beyond-words, slow-motion video, "The First Taste," which screened last weekend at the TEDxSydney conference. Saatchi & Saatchi's creative director, Matt Gilmour, said he was inspired to make the video by his own two-year-old daughter, who is in the video -- eating a gherkin and then making a rather unpleased face.

"It's funny how raw a child's reaction to something is. There's no filter. It's just really physical and that's what I love about it," said Gilmour, according to the web site Good Food.

Kids First Tastes and Reactions

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