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Kids' Food Labels: Healthy or Not?

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Prevention Institute's new study, released yesterday, Claiming Health: Front-of-Package Labeling of Children's Food examined products with front-of-package labeling--those products that food companies choose to identify as healthier. Claiming Health found that 84% of products studied failed to meet basic nutritional standards.

So what do you think? We've presented the real products--what you'd see in the grocery store--alongside some new food packages Prevention Institute altered to show what's really inside (you won't find these on the shelves).

SpaghettiOs--what you see

Labels on Front of Kids' Foods: see what's inside

We were shocked that these labels--that call products 'smart choices', or 'sensible solutions'--are on products that often are simply not good for kids. We didn't pick junk food, or candy, or the worst products out there--these are foods that manufacturers' market to kids, and that the Better Business Bureau says are meant to encourage healthy dietary choices and healthy lifestyles.

Read more about the study results, or see it in Time and Marion Nestle's Food Politics blog.

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