This Kid Had The Chillest Response To A Question About The Environment

We give this kid a gold star for thinking outside the box!

This student is a tree hugger in the making -- a really hilarious one.

A photo shared on Reddit by user Carlamon_ster shows a problem-solving question about the environment.

"Suppose you wanted to build a house on this land and still protect its natural resources," the question reads. "What could you do? How would it protect the natural resources?"

The student responded in a silly way -- but seriously, the kid does have a point.

"You can just forget about the house," the student wrote.

While the answer probably got a chuckle out of you, you're not the only one. Looks like the teacher found it amusing as well and even rewarded the student with full credit on the problem.

We see a compost bin and a passion for recycling in this kid's future!

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