Kids Give Up Christmas Presents To Give Animals Through Heifer International

Alyssa Ripley is your average seven year old girl, attending second grade in her hometown of Proctorsville, Vermont. Except this year, when Christmas came around, instead of toys, Alyssa's Christmas wish list included chicks, goats and even water buffalo. That's because Alyssa asked friends and family to make a donation to Heifer International in lieu of buying her Christmas gifts. Heifer is a nonprofit organization working to alleviate poverty around the globe by giving animals to people in need, thereby providing them with access to a steady income, food, clothing and more.

So far, Alyssa has raised over $700 for Heifer -- but she won't stop there. She has set her sights on raising $8,000 for the organization, which includes the elusive $5,000 Gift Ark.

How you can help Alyssa reach her goal:

Head over to Alyssa's fundraising page on the Heifer International website. Whether you've only got a few dollars to spare or are ready to make a sizable contribution, Alyssa will surely be happy to edge that much closer to her $8,000 goal.

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