Kids Helping Kids and Making a Difference


We're bundling up to go to work. Kids are shivering at their bus stops in the early morning hours. Chilly days and cold nights have arrived and while we may get a warm day or two, we can't fool ourselves - winter is coming.

"Danger Season" started on October 1st. This is the time of year when the temperatures drop and the chill at night makes it the most desperate time for the children we serve. This is the time when children are cold, afraid and lonely. Many of them have been abused or abandoned and taken away from their home and school.

Yes, it's getting colder with each night's passing but letters about Kids helping Kids will warm your heart every time...

My name is Bonnie. I live in Texas with my husband and our 7-year old daughter. I have been encouraging my daughter to think about her letter to Santa this year. After a long wait she came back to me with a smile on her face.

"I got it, Mom. All done."

Excited and curious as to what she picked ("Will it be hard to find? On sale? Have to be fed?) I looked down and read:

Dear Santa,

This year I want 10 pairs of warm PJs for kids who don't have any warm PJs.

My heart soared. I was thrilled! Excited! Elated! Proud. And then she took the paper from my hands and said,

"That won't be enough, Mom."

She crossed out the 10, wrote a 100 and then handed it back to me. 100 pairs of pajamas.
Whoa. How's Santa going to pull off that one? I asked her.

Undaunted, my daughter looked at me and said,

"Fire up the lemonade stand, Mom! We've got some work to do."

My daughter wrapped a box, made some signs, we put letters out to parents of her friends in school and waited. As of yesterday, we have at least 59 pairs of pajamas and still coming in. She has planned and prepared for a hot cocoa and treats sale this weekend in our neighborhood to raise funds to buy more pajamas. She isn't finished yet!

With so many children homeless and losing hope, it is extraordinary to learn about children like this 7yr old who wrote to Santa. She believes in Santa to help, but she believes in herself to start making the difference.