Kids In Hospital Go On Magical Adventures Through Virtual Reality

One patient got to hang out with wild horses and another dug up fossils.

Kids in the hospital got to go on some wild adventures, despite not being able to hop on a plane. 

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and Expedia recently launched the Dream Adventures pilot program, in which young patients can live out some of their fantasies through a virtual reality installation. Four children at the hospital's Memphis campus had the opportunity to go on the virtual reality adventures, and had their experiences documented in a video. 

And it was just magical. 

Watch as Kiara, who loves horses, hangs out among the wild horses in Córdoba, Argentina. Another child, Sagr, digs up some dinosaur fossils in Talampaya National Park, Argentina.

The kids explored their surroundings and directed Expedia employees, who were on-site at the dream locations, around the areas while interacting with them in real-time. 

Through the Dream Adventures, the kids were able to take a trip they otherwise might've had to miss out on. 

"A lot of the children at St. Jude Research Hospital are there for months, or maybe even years and they're not able to to go out and see different parts of the world," Sara, an Expedia employee involved in Kiara's virtual reality experience, said. "This experience allows me to bring Kiara's dream to her from thousands of miles away."

According to a press release, the Expedia employees were equipped with 360° cameras along with the live-streaming technology so they could bring the incredible scenes to the kids. 

Judging by the children's expressions, they had a blast on their trips. 

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