Kids' Lemonade Stand Perfectly Illustrates How Unfair The Wage Gap Is

"We should all earn the same amount for the same work."

It's ridiculous that in 2015 women, especially women of color, don't receive the same pay as white men for equal work. And a new video uses adorable children to show just how unfair that is.

The video, produced by Make It Work, an activist group focused on campaigning for equal pay and better workplace policies, shows four children selling lemonade for $1. The young white boy gets the full dollar in return for his sale. But the other three children, a white girl, an African-American girl and a Latina girl, receive 78 cents, 65 cents and 54 cents respectively, illustrating the gender wage gap.

The video shows how unjust the wage gap is when the adults have no answers to the children's questions about why they aren't being paid the same amount other than, "that's the way it's always been!" The video also brings up the message young girls get about their value, and encourages people to speak up about wage inequality and start asking questions.

As one child says, "We should all earn the same amount for the same work."

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