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7 Precocious Kids Share Their Thoughts On Love, Romance And The Best Boyfriend Ever

This Valentine's Day, we're proud to introduce seven little lovebirds who follow in the footsteps of respected young relationship gurus before them. Behold, their thoughts, letters and pronouncements on the overwhelming mysteries of the human heart...

For the best boyfriend ever.


For the Love Genie... who specializes in nautical romance.


For the infographics geeks.

joann marshall

Translation: "My Dream Guy: Popular but likes no other girl but me (no cheating), smooth hair to touch, soft hands to hold, smart, popular, clean white teeth, sweet eyes, no injuries, strong muscles, believing in what I believe, good at sports, nice name, no athlete's foot."

For the nerds.


For the true romantics.

valentine 1

Mom writes: "My daughter drew this in kindergarten and told me it was a boy in her class giving her a Valentine and she fell over from excitement."

For Azul, the biggest troublemaker in kindergarten.

erin una

"3 things I love about you:
1. Your hair
2. Your voice
3. Your legs"

And for the record...

garland mannlamb

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