31 Photos That Show All The Adorable Love Kids Have For Their Loveys

31 Photos That Show All The Adorable Love Kids Have For Their Loveys

It's no secret to parents (or even former children) that kids often develop a special attachment to a lovey -- a favorite toy or blanket that almost never leaves their side. From family vacations to doctor visits, loveys can provide a sense of comfort and security to young kids growing up.

We asked the HuffPost Parents Facebook community for pictures of their kids with their prized objects and the most interesting places they've traveled with them.

Here are 31 of those adorable photos.

Lindsay Oldright
"Mommy, Noah, and his trusted Duff-Duff! No hour of the day is without this precious bear who keeps him company during naps, playtime, and sick times!"
Tara Larocque
"Finn and Jake"
Becky Patouhas
"'This' the bunny has gone everywhere with us -- every trip to the store, visiting family in Greece, and he recently stood up in our friends' wedding"
Jennifer Medeiros Crawford
"Teddy has been everywhere from Disney world to Boston to numerous zoos. The most interesting visit may have been to the St Louis Arch."
Virginia Simons
"Bianca and her doggy 'Franny' who has been with her since the day she was born."
Lindsay White Rhoades
"This is my then 2-year-old daughter and her lovey bear. She had been diagnosed with leukemia... Lovey bear has been her mask, her shield, her constant companion and best friend. He comforts her when she is scared and she loves him so."
Karen Dee
"The blankie he takes everywhere. He can't fall asleep without it."
Michelle Nanos
"My son's lovey is a pillow he stole from his grandmother's house. He takes it everywhere. He uses it as a seat, blanket, cuddle buddy as well as a pillow. He prefers to sleep with it over his head lol!"
Kelty Fisher
"My son with his 'baaaa.' When we realized how important this little blankie was to him, we went out and got another one the exact same. He took one sniff of this new blanket and said 'NOT baaaa,' threw it to the ground and it was never touched again. Guess it has a distinct smell smile emoticon So much for a back up!"
Amber Cuevas Thornton
"Corduroy goes to preschool with my lil guy"
Carrie Osburn
"Surgery day. His effalant was there to make him feel better."
Jenni Wagener
"Snoopy goes just about everywhere. I bought an identical one but he knows the difference and is genuinely offended when offered the decoy."
Laura Gindlesperger
"Leightyn takes her blankey everywhere... this is how she eats breakfast!!!"
Sally Wilson
"Ruby and her giraffe. She is hospitalized often awaiting transplant. Here is one of her and her Daddy and her giraffe the day before her last surgery."
Alison Chrun
"This raggedy old thing has been everywhere, including the beach."
Joanna Lee Mears
Michelle Cass
"Pinky the bear is my daughter's best friend"
Tera Fruth-Michael
"His blue blanket goes everywhere with him. We call him Linus lol"
Brandy Ketchum
"This is teddy. He used to be a nice soft pink and very fluffy, after 10 years of snuggles he is a pinkish grey and pretty floppy. Teddy still sleeps on my daughters face every night and I'm in no rush for her to give him up."
Crystal McIntyre
"Peek a boo ... baby under her blanket!"
Liz Ferguson
"Napping with Scout at CHLA after an EEG."
Shana Hare Richards
"Mo and her beloved blankie and bear, Sniff."
Shayla Singleton Guillory
My daughter Ryan won this dog in a claw machine for herself"
Shelley Venning
Winnie the Pooh is the 'best loved bear' - he's often used as a pillow
Jennie Eckhaus-Katz
"Avrie's (age 3) lovey is Lambie. She's gone everywhere with us, from the local stores and activities, to Hershey Park and Disney World. Avrie sleeps with her every night, snapping her tag as she drifts off to sleep. We have 2 (shhhh, she doesn't know) in case one ever gets lost."
Stacy Hays Vaughn
"This blanket goes everywhere!"
Jaime Dambrosio
"Lamby goes everywhere with Gianna. To pre school, bed, play dates. If you see Gianna you see Lamby."
Liz Blair
"Wooby has never missed a trip. Just a few days ago he was served his own French toast at a favorite restaurant."
Kristina Lehman
"Cooper the lion at the fort in Nassau, Bahamas"
Suzy Moore
Heather Gonzalez
"His blankey... it goes absolutely everywhere with him and he cannot sleep without it"

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