This Celestial Night Light Has Glowing Reviews From Parents

While we can't guarantee it will get your kids to bed any faster, this $20 Target lamp casts a soothing glow that has reviewers raving.
A starry globe light from Pillowfort, available at Target.
A starry globe light from Pillowfort, available at Target.

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Enjoying a calm, tantrum-free and (relatively) quick bedtime is a universal goal for most parents of young kids. As a mom to a toddler and a 16-month old, I’m always personally on the hunt for tips, tricks, and products that will make my daughters’ bedtime routines something to look forward to — and a big part of that is ensuring that their sleeping environment feels welcoming and even a little bit magical. Therefore, when I spotted this charming night light at Target during a recent perusal of new arrivals, I stopped to take a closer look.

Part of the red-dot retailer’s Pillowfort label — the same collection of kid-friendly home goods that brought us an affordable dupe of the pricy and slightly scandalous Nugget couch — the globe-shaped ceramic lamp measures about 6 inches in diameter and is dotted with repeating cutout stars that scatter a gentle, celestial pattern in the light’s orbit. With a low brightness of 5 watts, it struck me as the perfect “falling asleep” lamp that would illuminate the room enough to tell stories or sing lullabies without preventing a sleepy child from drifting off.

The lamp’s soothing appearance aside, the customer feedback on the accent piece was, in a word, glowing. With a 4.4-star rating and over 400 reviews, it seemed that parents shopping at Target were uniformly pleased with the night light’s effects. “I’ve had this nightlight for almost a year,” wrote reviewer Ashley. “The original bulb still works and it provides a nice, soft light. The stars aren’t extremely defined once the lights are turned out, but that doesnt bother me. My 16 month old is currently into trying to sing “twinkle twinkle little star” and we rock in his chair while he looks at the star lights at bedtime. We love it.” The lamp is available in two dramatic colors: a cloud-like white and a moody, dramatic blue that’s actually evocative of the night sky.

A starry globe light from Pillowfort, available at Target.
A starry globe light from Pillowfort, available at Target.

It would appear that the light isn’t just intended for children. A reviewer named Kate described buying it for her fur-baby: “My cat is getting older and she spends a lot of time by herself on my bed in the evenings. I didn’t want her just hanging out in the dark alone all the time, so I looked for a unique, ambient, glowing lamp to brighten up the room a little. This little lamp is perfect. It’s not too bright and provides a nice warm glow. It’s also unique looking. Just what I was looking for. My cat seems to like the ambiance.”

A few reviewers mentioned that the ceramic globe is breakable, so exercise caution as you would with anything you’d use around small children. Others advised that a distinct star pattern could only be seen when the light was placed very close to a wall. Overall, customers find that it’s a pleasing piece of home decor that’s suitable for any age. As reviewer Hev2 wrote: “Me and my daughter are both obsessed. It’s the perfect amount of light and the stars scatter across the walls and ceiling but isn’t too bright. Love.”

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