Kids Of Gay Parents Teach Us That Family Is Family, Love Is Love (VIDEO)

WATCH: Kids Of Gay Parents Teach Us A Lesson About Love And What Is 'Normal'

Is there such a thing as a normal family?

Between sibling rivalry, embarrassing parents, bickering and quirky family traditions or habits, it's hard to find any family that fits the "normal" category. But there is one factor we can safely say does not add to the "abnormal equation" -- that is whether you have a mom and a dad, two dads, two moms or anything in between.

Just let these kids of gay parents, straight parents, bi parents and parents who opt for no identity label tell you.

Listen to them teach us a valuable lesson about love and what is normal, as they are asked questions about their home lives. When asked if they think their families are unusual, one girl responds "yes" for the most usual reason: "They're embarrassing." Another child responds, "We're all normal, unless you could fly or had a long nose."

Their answers reveal no matter what kind of parents you have, as long as there is love, parents are parents, family is family and love is love.

This video was filmed during Alternative Fairytales 2013 at the South Bank Centre as part of research and preparation for Team Angelica's movie "FREE." Team Angelica is a group that works to create "thought-provoking entertainment in all available mediums, including, film, theatre, music, dance, television, radio, books, fashion and fitness."


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