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Amazing Video Sums Up The Hilarity That Is Kids' Sports

For parents, summer means beach trips, barbecues and adorable little kids playing T-ball. Although, anyone who's watched Little League and the like knows that young children's sports games are not always thrilling.

In fact, it's quite remarkable when the "wee warriors" manage to make an actual play.

The Holderness family put together a spot-on video about 5-year-old Penn Charles' T-ball team as part of their new series "SmallStars" -- "a hilarious look at youth sports."

The video has all the makings of a classic ballgame -- from the outfield players lounging in the grass to the infielders chatting about lightsabers to the hitter making a run for it way beyond the first base.

Ultimately, the game ends on a high note, as the narrator declares, "They don't keep score, but everybody wins today. Time to hug Mommy."