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Adorable Kids Try Coffee For The First Time, And Their Reactions Are Priceless

Proof that we were probably smarter as kids, in this instance.

As coffee-drinking adults, we've incorporated java into our daily lives so seamlessly (and addictively) that we've probably failed to realize how much conditioning it took to make that happen. Sure, we might need coffee to get us going every morning (and throughout the day -- several times, preferably injected straight into our veins), but based on taste alone, is this really our first choice of beverages? Is it truly that delicious?

Now, maybe you came out of the womb taking your coffee black, but everyone we know had to ease their way into liking it, whether you started off as teenagers drinking Starbucks Caramel Macchiatos or waited until your first post-college job, pouring 10 packets of sugar and a jug of cream into your office coffee. When you think back to your childhood, back when your taste buds were pure and your need for more energy was nonexistent, we bet you hated coffee.

As proof, we decided to give a sampling of kids their very first taste of coffee. We gave it to them black, and for their parents' sake, we gave it to them decaffeinated. We think the video above speaks for itself.

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