Kids Try Candy From Around The World, Have Hilariously Over-The-Top Reactions

"It tastes like rice with poop on it!"

The looks on these kids' faces are certainly a treat to see. 

In the spirit of Halloween, Cut Video made a clip featuring children sampling candy from around the world. Kids, being kids, had hilariously dramatic reactions that will leave you giggling uncontrollably. (And also a bit curious about what the candy really tastes like). 

Watch as the tots try sweets from Mexico, Thailand and Finland, among other countries. 

"It tastes like rice with poop on it!" one boy says, wincing after he tries scorched rice candy from South Korea. 

Another boy compares the taste of salty black licorice from Finland to a "raisin dipped in beef." 

There were some wins with the kids, too. Chocolate caramels from France got some rave reviews and Mr. Fizzy candy from Ukraine generated a bit of excitement. 

All in all, it doesn't matter whether they liked it or not, because their silly reactions are adorable no matter what they're trying. 


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