10 'Clean Rooms,' According To Kids

They thought it looked good!

You'd think that a concept like a "clean room" would be pretty universal -- everything spotless and put away, the bed made, basically the usual. But apparently kids have a very different idea when it comes to what counts as a clean room.

We asked the HuffPost Parents community to share photos of rooms their kids had deemed clean, and the results are hilarious. Check them out, and share your kids' "clean rooms" in the comments below.

Lauren Almond

Mom: "Only books go in that basket."

Kid: "Those ARE all books."

Leslie Combs Garey

Pretty sure my daughter will be featured on the show "Hoarders" one day.

Christi Threatt

As long as Mom can walk through the door, it's good!

Sandy Burkey

This is my teen's room -- haven't seen it this clean since, well, never.

Kristi Rundle

This isn't too bad, it's been worse.

Jenny Kunberger

Here's my 3-year-old's response to "clean your room, I don't want anything left on the floor."

Shannon Chesney Lindau

This is our playroom/guest room. I was told they made it "clean and shiny!"

Christine Hrachovy Foster

This is my son's room. He slept in his sleeping bag on the floor for a few nights so he wouldn't "mess up" his room.

Tara Henry Morrow

This is my pre-teen's room, which is actually good (for her, anyway).

Jennie Denton

This is "clean" according to my 7-year-old, because "I'm playing with those" toys.

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