What's Really In Those Squeezable Yogurt Tubes For Kids? (INFOGRAPHIC)

LOOK: What'sIn Kids' Yogurt Tubes?

Done right, a bowl of yogurt (and the right toppings) can be the picture of a health-promoting breakfast. But somewhere between fruit on the bottom and fruit on the side came the squeezable yogurt in a tube, specifically marketed toward kids.

While we can all applaud a parent's effort to provide youngsters with a protein-rich breakfast or snack, these travel-ready yogurts conceal some less-than-desired ingredients thanks to the health halo surrounding yogurt in general.

Yogurt certainly can be healthful. Nutrition experts recommend picking a variety with at least some fat to help you feel full, and switching to Greek-style yogurt for the additional protein. The fruit-flavored kinds can be loaded with added sugars, though, to the point that they should be considered a treat.

And while the calcium in yogurt is a plus, keep in mind some youngsters are sensitive to dairy, and would be better served with eggs or a high-fiber cereal with dairy-free milk.

Here's what's really inside those tubes:

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