Kidwell Barn Farm Animals Attacked, Cut With Unknown Weapon In Virginia

Farm Animals Slashed By Mystery Assailant

There may be a farm animal attacker on the loose in Virginia.

When workers went to feed the animals of Frying Pan Farm Park's Kidwell Barn early Sunday morning, they found that two goats, a chicken, and a calf had all been cut by an unknown object, according to a statement released by Fairfax County Police Department. The calf and one goat had been slashed on the head. None of the injuries were life-threatening.

The calf and one of the goats are each under three months old, ABC 7 reports, and are bottle-fed. They would have readily approached any person who entered the barn, thinking it was feeding time, according to NBC Washington.

The attack is especially unsettling in light of a similar incident that occurred nearby only a month ago. On April 26, three horses were stabbed multiple times in a barn neighboring Frying Pan Park. The animals, who work as therapy horses for disabled children, were left with large, open wounds, but ultimately survived the attack.

Police do not know whether the two incidents are related, and no arrests have been made.

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