Kierran Batchelor, UK Burglar, Asks Judge For Prison Term Because Meetings With Probation Officer Interefered With Sleep Cycle

Older generations often complain that the young have a sense of entitlement - expecting success without all the hard work. After learning about Kierran Batchelor, a 21-year-old in the UK, more lecturing may be warranted.

Batchelor was caught burglarizing homes in February, for which he received a suspended sentence and probation. He left jail in April, noting the occasion with a post to his Facebook wall: "IV JUST GOT OUT OF JAIL,, IM F**KIN BUZZIN!!!!!" Soon after leaving jail, however, the man stopped meeting with his probation officer.

According to The Daily Mail Online, Batchelor found the 10 a.m. meetings with his probation officer disruptive to his sleep pattern. In front of a judge once again, he asked to be thrown in prison so he could sleep in.

"I'd rather go to jail and get it out the way, come out and get a fresh start, and not have to do probation and things like that," he told the judge in a conversation transcribed by the Telegraph. To which the judge replied: "You were given a chance and you have not taken it. Many would say you were fortunate."

As Batchelor was led out of the courtroom, he thanked the judge for the 40-week sentence, writes the Coventry Telegraph.