Aerial Drone Captures Stunning Video Of Massive Ukraine Protest

WATCH: Aerial Drone Captures Stunning Footage Of Massive Kiev Protest

A stunning video captured in Kiev by what is believed to be an aerial drone shows the sheer size and energy of the massive protests that have been clogging the streets of the Ukrainian capital.

According to Mashable, the video was captured by a quadcopter drone as it circled above Kiev's Independence Square. It is believed that the breathtaking footage was shot on Saturday night.

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According to The Associated Press, the protests in Kiev began on Nov. 21 after Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych announced that he would not sign a long-awaited landmark agreement to bring the country closer to the European Union, both politically and economically.

"Yanukovych backed off the agreement on the grounds that the EU was not providing adequate compensation to his economically struggling nation for potential trades losses with Russia," the AP writes. The Kremlin reportedly wants Ukraine to join a Russian-led customs union.

kiev protestAn aerial view of some of the approximately 200,000 pro-European Union activists gathered at Independence Square on Sunday.

Protests in Kiev have been growing in size and steam over the last few weeks.

Over the weekend, hundreds of thousands of anti-government, pro-European Union protestors gathered at Independence Square.

On Sunday, U.S. Senator John McCain told anti-government protestors gathered at Independence Square that their peaceful protest "is inspiring your country and inspiring the world," per the AP.

McCain -- who, together with U.S. Senator Chris Murphy, was at the Kiev protest in solidarity with the protestors -- added, "Ukraine will make Europe better and Europe will make Ukraine better."

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