Is It Time To Kill The K-Cup, Before It Kills Our Planet?

Is It Time To Kill The K-Cup?

Your Keurig coffee pods have a dirty little secret. Actually, make that a big secret.

In 2013, Keurig Green Mountain produced 8.3 billion K-Cups that were brewed on millions of machines around the world -- enough to circle to globe 10.5 times. Last year, production rose to nearly 9.8 billion, and most of those pods are not recyclable.

A new video made by Canadian production company Egg Studios takes a look at the environmental impact our coffee addiction has created. Titled "Kill The K-Cup," the short showcases a dystopian future where a single-use coffee pod monster destroys everything in its path.

Single-brew machines may be a convenient alternative to the traditional coffee pot or French press, but the actual price of the beans inside the pods can reach upwards of $50 a pound, according to The New York Times. Despite the cost and lack of sustainability, Keurig says on its website that it plans for all of its K-Cups to be completely recyclable by 2020.

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