Could Ramen Make You Sick? Study Says Energy-Dense Foods Up Risk For Chronic Diseases

According to the New York Daily News, students exacerbate their risk of developing diabetes, heart disease and cancer by consuming energy-dense foods.

One scientist behind the survey says the danger of these foods lies in their widespread cultural approval on campuses.

"There seems to be an acceptance out there that getting by on less nutritious food is a typical part of being a university student," said Dr. Danielle Gallegos, who along with Kai Wen Ong surveyed more than 800 university students in Brisbane, Australia. "But a diet of baked beans and instant noodles is not good enough when health and academic results are at stake."

The study also discovered that many students who were defined as food-insecure had less than two servings per fruit during a normal week.

What's your dorm-room diet like? Do you depend on convenience foods for meals?