Killer Whale Luna Mimics Boat Sounds

Meet Luna, a remarkable whale.

Separated from his family when he was just two years old, this orca whale lived alone off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada. There, in 2001, Luna became known for interacting with local boaters.

The amazing video above captures Luna swimming right next to a boat and mimicking boat noises. Luna's sounds are almost indistinguishable from those of the boat's engine.

Video ABOVE courtesy of TheWhaleMovie.com

Here's another video of Luna playing with a boat motor:

In 2006, Luna was tragically killed in a tugboat collision. He later became the subject of the 2007 documentary "Saving Luna." And he will be the subject of the upcoming documentary "The Whale." The Huffington Post recently interviewed the new film's co-directors.

There is an ongoing debate about how close boats should get to whales. On one hand, many people want to go whale watching, and others must fish and travel by boat. On the other hand, sea traffic can disturb and even kill whales.

According to the Telegraph, a 2006 study found that "the approach of boats disturbed the animals to such an extent that they decreased their food intake by up to 18 percent." According to TZNZ, researchers in New Zealand found that "14 endangered Bryde's whales found dead in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf in recent years were killed by boats."

CORRECTION: A previous version stated that the whale was killed in 2007. He was actually killed in March 2006.