Killers and Deaths Everywhere (in Technology)

I install a lot of apps on my mobile and tablet. But recently I have changed. I am trying to avoid installing apps if I am going to use them occasionally. It just consumes space in my phone, and there is no way I am going to find it when I need anyways. Searching for app is so not intuitive and obvious, I would rather search for things online.

The only advantage to storing apps is that I can avoid future logins.

Some of the apps I got fed up of , a year ago and I never installed them include Twitter (crashed my phone) and LinkedIn (multiple annoying notifications for likes etc) and their mobile website is annoying.

What gives ?

Apps are killing web

This post - App-pocalypse - captures many other points nicely. I hope something changes.

Apps are only needed - if interaction is huge such as games or if you are going to use very frequently - daily if not couple of times a day.

Notifications are killing apps

There is just one important exception* for a requirement of an app , that is possibly going to shape things in future - notifications. Technologies such as Google Now also fall under the category of 'notifications' , because of the difference in consumption.

There are countless apps already that I will not actively seek them. I have already stopped opening my Gmail inbox. I don't launch many other apps unless when I really need them. Instead I just rely on notifications.

* I said one important exception - but there are quite a few others that necessitate an app or make an experience better via apps, such as
- technological requirements
- need to use sensors and native hardware such as camera
- greater performance such as required in games
- several out of the box features available through mobile such as contacts, sharing, location/gps, features.

Apps are killing web

That's an article, ironical, because it's behind a regwall/paywall. Don't know who killed whom and why.

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