'Fox And Friends' Host Says Calling Immigration 'An Invasion' Is 'Not Anti-Hispanic'

President Donald Trump frequently uses the phrase that allegedly was parroted by the suspected El Paso shooter.

“Fox & Friends” host Brian Kilmeade has no problem with President Donald Trump describing the flow of migrants coming to America across the border with Mexico as “an invasion.”

The phrase Trump often uses appeared in an online manifesto allegedly posted by the suspected shooter in Saturday’s slaughter of at least 22 people Saturday in El Paso, Texas. The manifesto was posted shortly before the massacre.

Kilmeade went to great lengths on the Fox News show Tuesday to defend Trump’s use of the phrase, and he insisted the term was “not anti-Hispanic.”

“When you have over 110,000 people coming a month ― over a million last year and well over a million this year, if you use the term ‘invasion,’ that’s not anti-Hispanic, it’s a fact,” he said.

Kilmeade then claimed that “if the Russians were coming through Alaska, through Canada” into the U.S., “the president would be using the same language.”

Kilmeade may not be in the best position to comment on what’s racist and what isn’t.

Talking Points Memo pointed out that in 2009, he remarked on “Fox & Friends” that Americans “keep marrying other species and other ethnics” while Swedes and Finns have “pure genes” and a “pure society” because they only marry each other.

You can see Kilmeade’s Tuesday comments below:

Use of the term “invasion” is business as usual for Fox News on immigration issues ― this year alone, there have been more than 70 on-air references to migrants “invading” the U.S., according to Media Matters.

This story has been updated with the statistic from Media Matters.

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