Kim Cattrall Says Ellen Would Make A 'Fabulous' Samantha In 'Sex And The City 3'

She had a few more casting choices for Sam Jones, too.

“Sex and the City” co-stars Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker may have had their differences in the past, but the two are unanimous in their support of Ellen DeGeneres as Samantha Jones.

Parker, 52, first floated the idea of DeGeneres taking over for Cattrall in “Sex and the City 3” during a Tuesday appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

The star, who currently appears on HBO’s “Divorce,” said that she and the SATC team were in the midst of a “period of grief” after Cattrall, 61, announced she had no interest in appearing in a third “Sex and the City” film last fall. She gestured toward DeGeneres, noting that once the mourning period was through, “Then, perhaps, we’ll be able to consider, say, for instance, you playing Samantha.”

Parker’s suggestion garnered cheers and applause from the audience, and DeGeneres herself seemed on board with the idea.

“I am a sexual beast,” she quipped.

But the plan got the ultimate stamp of approval Wednesday. After People tweeted its report about Parker’s suggestion, Cattrall responded with two thumbs up.

A day later, Cattrall suggested offering Tiffany Haddish and Sofia Vergara the role of Samantha if DeGeneres wasn’t available.

Though Cattrall’s Samantha and Parker’s Carrie were best friends on “Sex and the City,” the actresses’ off-screen relationship has reportedly been contentious for years.

The drama came to a head last September when Parker announced that plans for a third “Sex and the City” film had officially been scrapped. Reports that Cattrall’s “diva demands” halted production prompted the actress to explain her decision to forgo another sequel in a series of subsequent interviews and social media posts.

“I have too much I want to experience before much time goes by,” Cattrall wrote on Instagram in October. “Going back to playing this role wouldn’t make me happy. I’ve worked hard and I’d like to enjoy what I’ve accomplished with the people closest to me.”

For her part, Parker seemed interested in keeping open the option to revisit the series later on down the line.

“I don’t know. Last week I said no,” she said Tuesday, when DeGeneres pressed her to confirm that there would definitely be no third film. “I feel like, maybe, I don’t know. Who knows? Right now, I don’t know.”

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