Kim Cattrall's Inspiring Message To Older Women Everywhere

The answer is not in a jar of anti-aging cream.

At 59, Kim Cattrall says women of her generation who are looking to find themselves best not waste their time trying to look younger. "I don't think the answer is in a jar of anti-aging cream or under a plastic surgeon's knife," the "Sex and the City" actress told BBC Radio. 

Cattrall was asked what advice she would give to women who are feeling "washed-up" and who have neglected themselves for years as they focused instead on caring for children, partners or parents. She says they should concentrate on finding purpose and chasing their passions. 

"I think that you should find something that you love ... or continue the career you had in some different way," Cattrall said. "Really invest in yourself, in your education, in what you want to do. Do something you love. Do it. Do it now!"

For Cattrall, finding herself has been a journey that's only made her stronger. She says she's been single for nearly seven years -- her two previous marriages ended in divorce. 
But for her, it's all about focusing on the positive, and the many opportunities she still has. "Relationships are work and that's the great thing about being single is it's half the work!" Cattrall joked adding that she has finally started sleeping in the middle of her own king-sized bed. "I can snore. I can fart."
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