Here's What Kim Davis' Country Music Career Could Look Like

Get ready for hits like "Apoplectic Appalachian Apostolic" and "Establish My Religion All Over You."

Kim Davis has inspired everything from Andy Samberg's Emmys monologue to an erotic novella, so it was only a matter of time before the beleaguered Kentucky clerk got a musical tribute, too. 

Los Angeles-based actor Andrew Pifko re-imagines Davis as a country crooner in this hilarious video (above), which has the static feel of a low-budget, 1980s album commercial. The parody clip touts "Kim Davis: Songs From My Heart," a fictional album featuring cheeky songs like "Apoplectic Appalachian Apostolic," "Establish My Religion All Over You" and "Pick The Parts Of The Bible You Love."  

Pifko, who wrote, directed and starred in the video, caught Davis' speech right before the clerk was jailed for contempt of court after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Davis' tone, he said, reminded him of the direct-to-camera commercials that promoted albums by the likes of Randy Travis and Conway Twitty. Musician Scott Simons, director of photography Meriam Braanaas and hair and make-up artist Annie Brazzeal Kaminsky agreed, and together they set out to create the video. 

Given the heated political debate that Davis' case has created, Pifko is aware that some may see the clip as offensive, but said he isn't too concerned. 

"Invariably, whenever you have a strong opinion about a given subject, there will, by definition, be those who have an opposing opinion," he told The Huffington Post in an interview. "The alternative is to have no opinion at all, and that's just not on the menu at my restaurant." 

If given the opportunity, Pifko said he'd tell Davis, "I fully respect your beliefs and think that government has absolutely no right [to get] in the way of you practicing them. The way we can ensure that right, as codified by the First Amendment, is to make sure that the county clerk's office respects the establishment of no particular religion, and is a place where all religions can come together." 


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