A NSFW Kim Davis-Themed Erotic Novella Is Here. Yes, Really.

A sexed-up take on the Kentucky clerk's story is available as a Kindle eBook.
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Just when we thought we'd seen it all when it comes to Kentucky county clerk Kim Davis, here's something we really didn't expect.

Author Lilith St. Augustine has penned an erotic fiction novella loosely based on Davis's headline-making case. Billed as "bitingly satirical, unexpectedly funny and unabashedly sexy," Kim Goes To Jail: An Erotic Story centers on a homophobic, small town woman who, not unlike the real-life Davis, finds herself in jail following a "dispute over religion and sexuality," according to a press release. Once incarcerated, the fictitious Kim meets a "beautiful cellmate" who is "only too eager to acclimate" the titular character to her new reality.

"One day I’m standin’ on the side of the Lord against sexual perversion, and the next I’m in prison orange watchin’ a buck nekkid mulatto vixen ‘bout to do impure things to herself and to my soul in one single, terrifyin’ act," one of the book's more-SFW passages reads. In another: "She was strokin’ my thigh and makin’ her way for the promised land, so I slipped my other hand under the table and kinda put it in her way ‘tween my legs just under home base."

St. Augustine told The Huffington Post in an interview that she sees the novella, which is available as a Kindle eBook, as an "opportunity to poke at [people who use religion to deny others their rights]" while also "giving readers satisfaction not only in the typical erotica sense but also of seeing a character do some things that, in the real world, would obviously be anathema to the kinds of people we're talking about."

"There can be pleasure in irony sometimes," she said. "And hopefully readers will get a chuckle or two while we're at it."

St. Augustine said she isn't concerned about the shelf life of the book as news of Davis inevitably recedes over time, noting, "That's easy to get over; live in the now and all that." As to whether or not using Davis's case as the basis for an erotic story could offend some readers, she said, "If I was really worried about that, I wouldn't be writing erotica at all."

Davis has already left us fuming for remaining steadfast in her opposition to marriage equality. We'll just have to wait and see whether or not a sexed-up take on her story arouses other feelings.

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