Kim Davis: I Respect Her

Kim Davis, the Kentucky clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples, has gotten herself into an ugly mess. She is being screamed at by frustrated couples; millions of people think she is an arrogant kook; the federal judge who ordered her to process has had her taken into custody for contempt of court; she is liable to lose her job.

Well, I am going to open myself up to strong criticism from my friends and other readers.

Because I am going to befriend her. No, I don't agree with her. I am not against same sex marriage. But, I think, in following her principles against the dictates of the state, she deserves our respect.

Before you throw up your hands in anger, disgust or sorrow at this 88 year old finally losing his marbles, consider this. Consider a hypothetical clerk in Nazi Germany who refused to sign an order requiring jews to wear yellow arm bands. She would be in the exact same dilemma as Kim, and we would admire her for defying a state which was bent on putting into practice something she knew was wrong.

But, you say, Kim gets her instructions from God. Isn't that nutty? I have no reason to believe that she thinks God speaks to her. By God I think she means her personal morality. That morality condemns same sex marriage just as the morality of our German clerk condemns the singling out of jews by requiring them to wear yellow arm bands.

Please understand, I don't agree with her. I would fight her, drive her to the wall, or force her to resign.

But I respect her.

In the same vein, I respect those who oppose abortion. Abortion is, after all, killing and, if people believe that killing an unborn child to be is abhorrent, I understand. Personally, I believe that, if decided early enough, women should not be forced by the state to bring unwanted children into this world.

I am pro choice - choice of evils.

That's what you have, Kim, a choice of evils. The evil of defying the law and dashing the hopes of people looking to legitimize their love; or furthering a practice that violates your very deep conviction.

I respect your decision. I respect you. And I hope you will be removed.