Kim Davis Is No Christian Hero

Full confession: I used to be a bully Christian too. I was raised in an environment where people believed their personal, specifically evangelical -- and often misguided - interpretation of the Bible should be rule of law, forced upon everyone. We were the only ones who were "RIGHT", after all.

Over time, study, reflection and maturation, I realized that this bullying and discrimination is the antithesis of following Jesus. And furthermore, it's not the principle our country was founded upon. America came into being because smart people were fleeing religious rule and oppression of their spiritual and personal freedoms. And now it is back with a vengeance in the backward, false narrative of "religious liberty."

No one has to marry gay people, go to gay weddings, or believe same-sex marriage is acceptable within their particular faith tradition. But they also absolutely cannot try to take away civil rights, freedom, justice and liberty from those they disagree with.

It's not illegal to be Christian in America. That is an unintelligent and cowardly claim by extreme, fanatical ideologues like Mike Huckabee. It's also not illegal to be gay and get a marriage license in America. It is, however, illegal to attempt to enforce your personal beliefs on the public, and to use a government job position to refuse to grant the rights of others.

Liberty, religious and otherwise, belongs to all people, not just conservative Christians.