Kentucky Governor Calls Kim Davis An Inspiration 'To The Children Of America'

Republican Matt Bevin applauds the anti-gay clerk's “boldness, conviction” in a video.

Controversial county clerk Kim Davis gets some eyebrow-raising praise in a video released in conjunction with her new memoir, Under God’s Authority: The Kim Davis Story. 

The Liberty Counsel, a “nationwide public interest religious civil liberties law firm” that has represented Davis, is publishing and distributing Under God’s Authority and posted images of the cover to its Facebook and Twitter accounts Feb. 26. The memoir recounts the Kentucky county clerk’s 2015 legal battle after she refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples following the Supreme Court’s marriage equality ruling that June.

On Monday, the group released a bizarre promotional video for the book on YouTube. The clip, which clocks in at just over seven minutes and can be viewed above, features testimony from Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin (R), who praises Davis for her “boldness, conviction” and her “knowing that she was right.”  

“I think Kim Davis is, without question, an inspiration, not only to leaders like myself ... but to my children, to the children of America,” the Republican, who publicly supported Davis during his gubernatorial campaign in 2015, explains. “People, even if they disagree with her, have got to respect the fact that here is a woman who was willing to put it all on the line out of conviction for what she believed and knew to be her right as an American citizen.” 

He continues, “If that’s not admirable ― if that’s not something that we would want all Americans to emulate, I don’t know what is.” 

The interview with Bevin is intercut with footage of a teary-eyed Davis.  

“When I think about marriage in my life, before I knew Christ, I was a miserable flop at it ― just terrible,” says the clerk, an Apostolic Christian who has been married four times. “But I still knew that it was between one man and one woman.” 

The video seems to be timed to Davis’s re-election campaign. The clerk, who changed her party affiliation from Democrat to Republican in 2015, will seek another term in November. 

One prospective opponent, Democrat David Ermold, was among those denied a marriage license by Davis nearly three years ago.