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Kim Jong Il Dead, Iconic Style Remembered (PHOTOS)

Kim Jong Il, leader of North Korea for the past 17 years, died tonight from a heart attack. As AP pointed out, the dictator has a taste for cigars, liqueurs and fine foods -- but he also had a fine taste for fashion.

Similar to another recently fallen dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, Kim had a distinct flare for style. He favored a particular shade of murky beige/gray, which in later years blended well with his fading hair. He sported trim zip-up jackets and anoraks, although he sometimes would slip into a jumpsuit. He occasionally got creative with headgear, including a fur hat or two.

But when it comes to fashion, the leader will be remembered for his eyewear. Dark and oblong or silvery and square, Kim always had on a funky pair of specs.

Trendy sunglasses, oversized prescription lenses and more -- we got 'em all. Take a look at the style star that was Kim Jong Il.

1981 - Kim Jong Il, bottom left with his first-born son Kim Jong Nam (bottom right)


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