Kim Jong Il Makes Rare Television Appearance (VIDEO)

North Korea has broadcast a rare video of leader Kim Jong-il attending a massive rally marking the reopening of a textile factory on Saturday.

Kim, who is suspected of having had a stroke in 2008, is rarely shown in videos. In the video he is shown waving to a huge crowd. He does not appear to have spoken at the rally.

North Korea "is sure to win a final victory in the drive for building a thriving nation as long as there are the ever-victorious Songun (military-first) leadership of Kim Jong-il and the large contingent of heroic workers like those in the vinalon industry," Thae Jong-su, a senior Workers' Party official, told the rally, according to the official Korean Central News Agency.

The factory, which had apparently shut due to hard times in the 1990s , had recently reopened. South Korean media reported that Kim's appearance seemed to occur in the hope of soothing public fears about the North Korean economy.