Kim Jong Un Makes Stunning Disclosure: "I love Donald Trump and Want to be Just Like Him."

Kim Jong Un Makes Stunning Disclosure: "I love Donald Trump and Want to be Just Like Him."
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<p>To 45, with Love, Un</p>

To 45, with Love, Un

Mary Ann Parks

Ok, so the headline is a lie. But work with me here.

Recent news stories detail how the 45th president of the United States gets briefed twice daily on good news and favorable press. He’s also promised to unleash “Fire and Fury” on his perceived enemy equal, Kim Jong Un, and all the millions of people living near him. Yeah, that’s right. The TV ratings chaser chose the slogan “Fire and Fury” since the catchy “Shock and Awe” had already been taken earlier by this century’s other blood thirsty corporate toady and all around sycophantic saber rattler, Dick Cheney.

Here’s another compliment for the 4:30 briefing, Cheney was nothing compared to Trump. He’s a school lot bully compared to the “Terror and Trembling” 45 inspires. Terror and Trembling, that’s mine of course.

Mind you, in 45’s case, it’s his own people - the ones living in the country he pledged to make great again - that he’s scaring the bejeezus out of on a daily basis.

So here’s my idea. I’m inviting all my fellow Huffington Post Contributors to post 45-friendly headlines. Let’s fill his daily logs with stories about how Kim Jong Un likes the orange oligarchical oaf. Once his tender little feelings have been soothed, perhaps he’ll forget all about nuclear codes and venom laced atomic pissing contests and go back out to the golf course where we can only presume he wins occasionally.

With any luck, we don’t have to do it forever - just until the Grand Jury finishes it’s work.

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