Kim Kardashian Banned From 'Jerry Springer Show'

While it might feel like everyone is waiting for Kim Kardashian to talk about what went wrong in just 72 days of marriage, one person who says he would never have Kim on his hit show is Jerry Springer.

"We started out as a normal television series, but when Universal bought us, they said 'from now on, you are only allowed to do crazy' so that's the rule," Jerry tells me on the set of my HDNet talk show "Naughty But Nice with Rob." "Plus, we can't have anyone on the show who is known," including Kim Kardashian. "She can be in the audience."

Jerry jokes that after over 20 years of hosting "The Jerry Springer Show" he has no intention of stepping down like Oprah did, telling his bosses at Universal he will retire when he is 104 years old.

"You can't use Oprah and me in the same sentence. She was the greatest ever," the humble showman tells me. "I am stupid and the show is stupid, but I love doing it and people like it. But, no, it's not a real talk show. It's a circus. She's the great O and I am the great ho. She has become, in a way, a spiritual leader in a sense. I am one of her fans and it's great. But we don't do the same thing. She has a serious talk show and we don't really do much talking on my show."

But Kim's a little late if she thought her latest drama would land her on "Oprah" -- and it sounds like she won't be telling all on "Springer" either.

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