Kim Kardashian And Beyonce 'Love Each Other' Claims New Report

Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles are BFFs 4eva. At least that's what sources told TMZ, which reports that the pair were actually "laughing and hugging" at the Made In America concert Beyonce's husband Jay-Z put together over Labor Day weekend.

That's in stark contrast to the rumors that circulated earlier this week, which claimed that Kardashian (who, duh, currently dates Kanye West) and Knowles were on the verge of a fight after the reality star tried to steal the limelight from Jay-Z during the event. (Hova was being filmed by Ron Howard for a new documentary and Kardashian was reportedly eager to express to the Oscar-winning director how much she loved his films.)

"She never saw Ron Howard that day and no such conversation ever took place -- between Kim and Ron Howard or Kim and Beyonce,"a source who knows both Kim Kardashian and Beyonce told HuffPost Celebrity. "Beyonce and Kim have gotten along perfectly since the very first day that they met. They have no reason to not get along. The person who came up with this story has a very wild imagination."

That statement jibes with the TMZ report, which paints Kardashian and Knowles as besties.

"They love each other -- they talk fashion, family, Beyonce's baby all the time," a source told the site.

The rumored conflict between the pair dates back to June, when it was reported that neither Beyonce nor Jay-Z wanted anything to do with the Kardashian-West union.

For more on the Kardashian-Knowles relationship, head over to TMZ.

[via TMZ]

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