Does Kim Kardashian Hate Beyoncé? Part XIV

Someone forgot to drink the lemonade.

On the long list of things Kim Kardashian probably hates (rooms without mirrors, her E! wedding special, Chloe Grace Moretz) being upstaged takes the cake, cake, cake.

A minute before Beyoncé's "Lemonade" debuted on HBO -- seriously, she posted at 8:59 -- Kim unleashed a barrage of racy Instagram posts of herself, husband Kanye West and guests at what looks like a lascivious Miami wedding. 

In a series of 15 photos, Kardashian documented the evening in all its cotton candy-eating, ice cream-licking, cleavage-baring glory. Wedding or orgy? You be the judge.

Diverting attention from the holy day is a crime punishable by death (duh), so the Beyhive went in on Kim's Twitter mentions, dragging her for daring to post between the hours of 9 and 10.

Trying to stop Kim from taking photos of herself is an uphill battle you will most definitely lose. Just ask Bette Midler. Mrs. Kanye West continued to share pics throughout the hour, leaving many to wonder if she's stirring the tea or just forgot to drink the lemonade. 

But are we really surprised? If she has no shame about taking selfies during her sister's trip to jail, do you think a damn HBO special is going to make Kim Kardashian think twice?




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