Kim Kardashian On Church: 'The Family That Prays Together Stays Together'

Kim Kardashian stopped by a church this Sunday with her sister Kourtney, taking to social media to proclaim her belief in the importance of prayer as a pillar of family strength.

The newlywed attended a service at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom, which was presided over by Pastor Rich Wilkerson Jr., who officiated her wedding to Kanye West.

Kim posted a picture on Instagram with the caption, "The family that prays together stays together. Such a great service tonight."

Wilkerson shared the photo on Instagram and Twitter as well.

This isn't the first time that Kardashian used social media to show her commitment to her faith. Her husband, Kanye West, has used Christian religious themes in much of his musical oeuvre, from the lyrics of "Jesus Walks" to his more recent track, "I Am A God," which sparked some accusations of blasphemy.

Kardashian's first marriage to Kris Humphries lasted a mere 72 days. Perhaps prayer will make this one a little more permanent...



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