Kim Kardashian Cleavage Also Shows Off Bra (PHOTOS)

Although we already regret admitting it, we're no stranger to Kim Kardashian's cleavage (any of her Twitter followers could say the same). The reality star loves her a good low-cut top and isn't afraid to flaunt her, um, assets.

But her latest dress, a rather classy beige number with an ever-trendy peplum, featured an odd plunge that showed off not only her ample chest but also the bottom of her bra.

In other Kim Kardashian News, we are pleased to report that Kim's hair is still looking fantastic. Since beginning her relationship with Kanye, Kim has toned down her overall look with more neutral colors as well as less overly stylized hair. We're loving her relaxed, straight strands, a refreshing alternative to her previous curling-iron 'do.

Now if only she'd tone down the cleavage...


kim kardashian cleavage

kim kardashian cleavage

kim kardashian cleavage

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