Kim Kardashian's Revealing Dress Is All About Cleavage

Or kleavage. Kleavage, kleavage, kleavage.

Today in news that should shock no one: Kim Kardashian West wore yet another super sexy, super revealing dress to a party celebrating her latest super sexy, super revealing magazine spread.

Mrs. West attended the launch party for her first ever GQ cover issue in Los Angeles Tuesday night wearing a skintight, strategically laced $2,950 leather Jitrois dress, strappy heels, and, what else? A black choker.

So. Hot. 
So. Hot. 

The ensemble is totally fitting, not just for the media mogul's overall sense of style, but for the nature of GQ's photoshoot. Kardashian posed in a range of little clothing to no clothing at all for the new issue.

She brought a bunch of other lovely accessories, too: friends Chrissy Teigen, Carla Dibello and Pippa Larsen, to be exact.

It's very rare to all be in the same room together 👭👯👭 #baesthatslaytogether

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And, of course, in true Kardashian fash-ian, she wasn't shy about showing off her assets in the look on social media:


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Never change, Kimmy.

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