Kim Kardashian Wore A Corset Over Her T-Shirt, But That Doesn't Mean You Should

This is bad even for you, Kim.

Kim Kardashian took a breather from the #KimKExposedTaylorParty to wear something it looks like she can’t breathe in.

Mrs. West couldn’t have possibly stepped out in a simple, casual outfit in Los Angeles on Tuesday ... that would be too easy. No, instead she paired a baggy T-shirt and stretchy pants with a pair of high heels and a leather corset reminiscent of the waist trainers she and her sister proudly hock on social media.


Here’s the thing: Kim and the rest of the Kardashian krew have repeatedly declared their love of Spanx and the like, and the choice of whether or not a woman wants to wear shapewear is hers and hers alone. But corsets and shapewear are downright bad for your insides. Plus, there is literally no chance this outfit is comfortable.

We’ve seen it all from Kim Kardashian, but this one is a real head scratcher. If the desire is cinching the waist, might we suggest a belt next time?

Kim Kardashian