Kim Kardashian's Death Row Last Meal & Relationship Deal Breakers (VIDEO)

Perhaps in an effort to get Kim Kardashian to talk about something other than Kanye West, the British magazine Tatler asked the reality star some pretty random questions.

We already know nearly everything about Kim Kardashian, thanks to her multiple reality series, domination of social media and embodiment of the concept of TMI. But in case you were wondering, if the 31-year-old was on death row, her choice of last meal would likely put her in a sugar coma before they could give her the lethal injection.

"Cheese pizza, Oreo cookie ice-cream and maybe a vanilla cup cake," Kardashian told Tatler of her final food choices.

Kim's apparent sweet tooth might be one of the reasons she's currently on a mission to lose weight. The reality TV queen recently tweeted that she had lost six pounds using the brand of diet pills she hawks.

Other random facts learned about Kardashian: Her favorite childhood cartoons were "Rainbow Brite" and "Dennis The Menace," and her relationship deal breakers include "anything to do with bad hygiene, like teeth or nails or big ears. I'm really weird about stuff like that."

We don't disagree there, but we wish Tatler would have asked Kim why she was on death row in the first place -- now that would have been interesting.

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