Kim Kardashian Denies Nude Kitchen Photo: 'It's Not Me' (PHOTOS)

On Thursday, MediaTakeOut posted a photo they claimed was an older snapshot of Kardashian before breast enlargement surgery, and today reps for the reality TV queen are denying it's her.

"It's not her. You can totally tell. It looks nothing like her," a rep for Kardashian told the Daily Mail.

To be fair, it looks exactly like her, but given that Kim already has a sex tape under her belt, has posed for Playboy (NSFW) and constantly tweets scantily clad photos, we're inclined to believe her.

The photo in question is actually quite flattering, and there is no real reason for Kim's camp to deny it's her, besides the fact that the website claims it's proof that the 31-year-old had breast augmentation. Kim is known for her curves and she's gone to great lengths to prove her assets are real. In 2008, she posted a photo of her teenage self looking busty in a bikini to prove she's never needed help filling out a shirt, and last year she even had her butt X-rayed to prove she didn't have implants.

Check out Kim's Killer Curves:

Kim Kardashian's Butt