Kim Kardashian Divorce Depositions To Take Place In June: REPORT

The divorce of the century is about to begin -- well, almost.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' divorce has already lasted way longer than their ill-fated 72-day marriage, and the two will be deposed in their divorce proceedings at the beginning of June, reports RadarOnline.

Sources tell the website that Humphries' lawyer is insisting that the reality TV queen be deposed first, but the legal counsel is still arguing over whether or not it will be videotaped. Though Kim, 31, is used to living her life in front of the camera, her divorce is not something she wants documented for public consumption.

"Kris' [depostition] will take place shortly thereafter and both should have their formal sit down interviews for their divorce proceedings by the end of June," claims the source.

Last week, Kardashian's attorney, Laura Wasser, told a judge that her client wants her divorce from the NBA player to move forward, and feels the case has been slowed because of Humphries' hurt feelings and desire for an annulment. Humphries' lawyer Marshall Waller said they needed more time to decide whether they wanted to pursue their allegations that the marriage was a fraud.

With their next court date set for Aug. 15, depositions of both parties and "essential witnesses" will finally start to begin moving the sluggish divorce along.

To say that Kim and Kris' divorce has been messy, would be an understatement with the soon-to-be exes arguing over everything from the validity of the marriage, to their wedding gifts -- including the $325,000 white Ferrari given to the couple as a wedding gift by a wealthy Malaysian businessman -- and even the engagement ring.

RadarOnline also reported that Kris wants back the 20-karat diamond ring, which reportedly cost $2 million. At last week's hearing, sources claimed Wasser referred to the ring when she mentioned a dispute over jewelry.

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