Kim Kardashian Visits Kris Humphries In Minnesota (PHOTO)

Even though Kim Kardashian made a surprise trip to Minnesota in a final attempt to save her crumbling marriage to Kris Humphries, she won't be sticking around for long. Kim's schedule has her working next week, so whether she's in Minnesota hoping to reconcile with her husband of 72 days or just ironing out the minutiae of their divorce, the pair better come to an agreement fast.

The purpose of the trip has been especially called into question as it appears to have lasted less than a day, and Kardashian has already left the state.

"When she returns from Australia we are then going to Atlanta to shoot Tyler Perry's new movie," mom Kris Jenner told me last week on the set of "New York Live." "I'm 100 percent mom and not manager at the moment and will support Kim in whatever decisions she makes."

Rumors that Kim had been dropped from the movie "Marriage Counselor" (an ironic title after her 72-day marriage) have been denied by Perry, who told TMZ, "she is scheduled to work as planned."

Let's see if Kris will be willing to travel to Atlanta in the next few weeks to continue trying to save the marriage that work demands may have helped destroy.

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