Kim Kardashian Finally Agrees That Her Waist Looks Photoshopped

"So, you agree? You think your waist is really tiny?"

After Kim Kardashian’s recent denial that her waist was Photoshopped in Fergie’s new music video, the reality star has changed her tune — somewhat.

In a Snapchat taken on Wednesday, the 35-year-old marveled over the results of her nearly 60-pound weight loss since giving birth to her second child, Saint, in December. 

“You guys, doesn’t my waist look Photoshopped?” Kardashian said, wearing custom black Yeezy boots and a skintight black dress. “It’s so crazy! It’s getting small!”

We get it, Kim.

Kardashian opened up about her post-pregnancy body image in a blog post on Monday and thanked her husband for always encouraging her.  

“A big source of my confidence is my husband. I’m my own biggest critic, and Kanye is my biggest supporter,” Kardashian wrote. “He always encourages me, and makes me feel confident about owning all my curves and showing them off. :)” 

Despite admitting that it was hard not to be jealous of women who lost their pregnancy weight right after giving birth, Kardashian emphasized that it was important for her to be confident and stay positive. 

“We all have our hang-ups and things we might want to change, but my curves make me who I am,” the 35-year-old wrote. “So I embrace my body and the changes I’ve gone through. If anything, those changes remind me of what I’m able to create with my body: two little angels that I love beyond words.” 



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