Kim Kardashian for President!

When my son asked about the participants in the Republican Debate, the word to describe them escaped me.

I couldn't get past "contestants." What I was looking for was "candidates" but in that moment I couldn't grasp it. "Contestants" popped into my head and wouldn't let go.

The truth is, they are contestants at this point. It's not about politics, at least not the politics I learned about in school. It's politics as entertainment. But not high-brow, intellectual Oscar-worthy entertainment. It's more of the Jerry Springer/Geraldo Rivera trash-talking spectacle.

Of course, Donald Trump is head and shoulders above everyone else. He's not a politician. He's a reality TV star and has real life experience on how to play the media game, how to score headlines, and how to beat up those in his path by using innuendo and bullying tactics.

Between insulting immigrants, women, prisoners of war, and political reporters, making sexual allegations about the former Secretary of State, second-guessing the current administration, and so much more, he has monopolized more than his fair share of the media hype, but hasn't talked about actual policy. Or politics at all.

Because, in this reality-TV world, who cares about global warming or rape culture or police brutality or gun control or racism or terrorism or the European Union or alternatives to oil if you have a thriving Twitter following?

His tag line "You're Fired" seems to have assured his fans that he is authoritative, decisive, in control, commanding. But folks, that's a scripted TV show. You can't tell a corrupt dictator in Africa he's "fired" or fix a country teetering on the edge of bankruptcy by suggesting they market some ridiculous product well.

While Donald Trump, as a non-politician, could be seen as the bottom rung in this current group of Republican candidates, it's challenging to find any who have demonstrated the abilities to use diplomacy and wield power in a presidential manner. Plus, this choice is not for a future husband of the latest Bachelorette, nor who might survive the wrath of Heidi Klum, but is to determine who will, essentially, run the free world for the next four years. Perhaps the American public has missed this very important point. However, as this is the road the country seems to be taking...

I want to suggest Kim Kardashian throw her hat in the ring. It doesn't matter what her politics are because they don't count anymore. She's famous. She's got countless fans who would vote for her. She always poised and polished. She can play the media game better than anyone and that's what politics is about these days.

Her presidential fashion and styling could launch an entire job market.

Her attention to any topic at all would control media cycles.

Her selfies alone with foreign dignitaries would garner millions of likes.

And Kanye West as the First Gentleman?

Maybe Taylor Swift could be her running mate.

Kim Kardashian for President.
Reality for America