Kim Kardashian Gives Rob A Lesson In Swaddling Babies On 'Rob & Chyna'

He's going to be a father so soon!

Rob Kardashian is taking parenting lessons from big sister Kim Kardashian

In a clip for Sunday’s upcoming episode of “Rob & Chyna,” the sock designer and dad-to-be gets a lesson in swaddling from the social media queen. Using a doll for practice, Kim shows Rob how to properly wrap a blanket around a newborn. 

After Rob gives it a try, he proudly holds up the doll and lets out little chuckle. The clip cuts to his confessional, where he admits, “I’m gonna need plenty more swaddling lessons, but I’m definitely happy with the progress that I’m making.” 

“I’m sure, once I have my baby in my hands, I’m going to figure it out and be a great dad,” the 29-year-old adds. 

Then we cut back to Kim, who dishes out some truth.

“Nothing is going to prepare you for this,” she says. 

Watch the clip above and tune into “Rob & Chyna” on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET on E! 



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